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How Our Unclaimed Money Search Works

Heir Finders of America uses several of the largest databases for unclaimed money in the world. Our current database lists billions of dollars in unclaimed money and assets from all 50 states and several Federal agencies that could belong to you. There are millions of people who are owed unclaimed money and they don't even know it. Are you one of these people?

It is estimated that 3 in 10 Americans are owed cash that sits unclaimed year after year. So, it’s quite likely that some of this money belongs to you or someone you know. May we help you claim some found money?

Why is the money “unclaimed”?

For one reason or another the financial institution holding the funds has been unable to locate the rightful owners to return the money. So, literally billions of dollars sit in unclaimed accounts across the nation year after year. This money is lost and never gets found unless the owners of the unclaimed funds use a property locator service like Heir Finders of America.

How You Should Proceed

We have compiled a database of millions of people owed money in all 50 states. If your name is in our lost cash database, there is a good chance you have lost money owed to you. The only way to be 100% certain whether the found money is yours, is to contact our Search Specialist at: 503-620-2239.

We assist you in filing your claim, and in most cases, we will advance any necessary legal fees. If you have received a claim letter from us, it means we believe we have located money that belongs to you.

Except for rare cases that require additional attorney representation in your local area, there are no fees required up front. We only get paid when you get paid. If no money is collected, you owe nothing. There is absolutely no risk to you.

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